Lament For A Son Analysis

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This paper will discuss Woterstorff’s refection on the death of his son, Eric, in the story Lament For a Son. How Woterstorff experiences the five stages of grief will also be addressed. In addition, the meaning of death based on the Christian narrative will be explored, and conclude with how resurrection can bring hope.
Death can be an extremely difficult situation to handle. When the person who dies is a family member and/or passes unexpectedly, it can prove to be more challenging. In the story Lament For a Son the speaker, Woterstorff, has the misfortune of experiencing the death sudden/unexpected death of his son. It is through Woterstorff that the reader is able to experience the five stages of grief: denial/isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Depending on the individual and their past experiences, the five stages of grief can have varying lengths of times and occur in no particular order.

Five Stages of Grief
Typically the first reaction a person has to death is denial. Throughout Woterstorff reflection, denial is frequently demonstrated, at times along with another stage of grief. An example of Woterstorff denial is seen when Woterstorff visits
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Woterstorff depression stage is intertwines with his denial stage and remains until Woterstorff finds acceptance of his son’s death. Woterstorff repeatedly shares his regret about not being more available for Eric, expressing that he wishes he had said more, listened more and did more with his son. At one point Woterstorff states, “The world is emptier. My son is gone. Only a hole remains, a void, a gap never to be filled” (p.33), displaying Woterstorff depressed state. Woterstorff further exhibits depression by eluding that he does not find enjoyment in his previous activities. He states that pictures that used to bring him happy memories no longer did so, instead the pictures brought about sorrow.

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