Reflective Essay On Leadership Development

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Reflecting on my roles and accomplishments in leadership in business, I can define leadership as the creation of a favorable culture for an individual or a group of people to complete their tasks. Leadership is all about assessing the environment where tasks are handled, with an emphasis on applying different strategies to reduce the hitches while increasing the opportunities; thereby, enabling people to fulfill the given roles. Some of the elements of achieving leadership is achieved by setting and communicating clear visions and boundaries, giving people the freedom to fulfill their roles, monitoring ongoing achievements against the established vision and continually accessing for opportunities for improvement. Others are the involvement of all people in a …show more content…
I note one the values of Griffith University entail the cultivation of responsible leadership. In my understanding, responsible leaders must be masters of communication, which helps them to understand the complexities in any setting and contributing to the development of processes instrumental for addressing the hitches. I have a feeling that I can launch models that are suited to the needs of different people in any institution. Alternatively, I can assist any institution in the formulation of the necessary steps for embracing responsible leadership at all levels. When I served as the general manager between 2004 and 2011, I had to adapt and attain results in accordance with the owner’s guidelines. This piece of counsel was critical in developing leadership goals and mentoring the team in a way that they overcame most of the barriers when they were implementing the objectives. As I enroll for studies in Griffith University. One of my primary goals of leadership is to be an agent of responsible leadership by initiating mentorship programs for aspiring leaders in the

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