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The purpose of this paper is to discuss human development in reflection upon my own personal growth. Human development is a set of changes that occur systematically and continuously over the lifespan. In addition it involves gains and losses and neutral changes that is categorised into three different domains; physical, cognitive and psychosocial functioning.( Sigelman, Rider & De George-Walker, 2012: pg 31) Throughout my childhood the experience of my father beating my mother has

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‘During the course of childhood the control of behaviour gradually shifts from parents to child. Middle childhood brings a transitional stage of co-regulation, in which parent and child share power.’(Papalia, Olds & Feldman, 2009: pg 325)
This experience has now affected me as a person, as I have found myself facing complications and life obstacles on my own. And as mentioned I listened as a child but now feel at the same level of authority as my mother since they have split up when I was 12 years old. Because of this impact on my life I have gained more independence, courage and determination, a main reason being that I have pushed aside my consciousness of every particular incident as it was too traumatic to be aware of. According to Fraud this is a defence mechanism of repression in which I am removing the traumatic memories to defend against anxiety. (Sigelman, Rider & De George-Walker, 2012: Pg42)
Therefore this paper has discussed human development in reflection to my own developmental experience. It has additionally mentioned how my growth was impacted by my father physically abusing my mother. And in particular it has focused on the affect of my psychosocial domain in relation to how these specific incidents affected me both emotionally and socially.

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