Reckless Driving Habits

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Every single day there is a car accident somewhere in the world. It might be a minor accident which led to a little dent in the vehicle or it’s an accident that caused injuries and possible death. Why does this happen? Because people have developed reckless driving habits. The three main things that are contributing are texting and driving, drinking and driving, and the lack of experience and not following the law. Now how are these three things contributing to the increase of reckless driving habits, let get into that. All around there is usually at least one sign from AT&T that says “texting and driving…it can wait.” AT&T is correct on that, it can wait. Since one of the most dangerous driving habits is distracted driving; for instance, if a person was looking at his or her phone for five seconds, he or she was paying no attention to the road in those five seconds and have driven the length of a football field within those five seconds. Now, what could wrong? Paying no attention accidentally running a red light and get T-boned by a driver who had the right of way that was going 45 miles per hour, now the person who was texting is in the hospital, possibly in a coma because he or she couldn’t wait to answer that text. That is what can go wrong with driving and texting. According to the numbers, drivers who text are 25% more likely to crash …show more content…
It’s how we get to work/school, how we get home, and how we meet up with our friends. Developing safe driving habit is a necessity to keep us all safe from danger. But on the other hand, there are people who have developed bad driving practices. I have named a few which were texting and driving, drinking and driving, the experience and not following the law. If people keep following these habits roads will continue to be a hazard zone with more crosses on the side of the road. So, with this, safe driving is a need and we need to get rid of dangerous driving

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