Rebellion in Persepolis Essay examples

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Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi is an autobiography graphic novel. The book is about a young girl named Marjane Satrapi growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. In the book, many stories and struggles are presented, such as the Islamic revolution, issues with school, the war between Iran and Iraq, and Satrapi’s struggle with growing up. The strongest theme from all of these situations in the novel is rebellion. Rebellion is constantly seen, in many different shapes and forms, all throughout this book.
In the beginning of the book (page 3) it became obligatory to wear the veil at school. The panel at the bottom of the page shows the children rebelling against the veil by using not wearing the veil properly.
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Satrapi’s parents rebelled against the rules and lied to the man and customs. One day Marjane wears her Nike’s, denim jacket, and Michael Jackson button. She gets caught be the guardians of the revolution is an act of rebellion. She lies by saying ‘“Ma’am, my mother’s dead. My stepmother is really cruel and if I don’t go home right away she’ll kill me.”’ So the guardians of revolution let her go. However later in the book Marjane’s friend Neda dies “In, 1984, [Marjane] was fourteen and a rebel. Nothing scared [her] anymore.”(pg. 143) So Marjane wears a bracelet to school she gets confronted by the principal, who tells her not to wear it again. Marjane ignores the principal and wears it the next day to school. The principal attempts to take the bracelet away from her so Marjane hits her, and thus rebelling against the rule.
The relationship between Marjane and her parents was striking because of the reversal from the norm. Marjane's ability to still have these rebellions, separates her from her childhood friends in Iran. Her relationship with her mother and father is both tender and full of tension. Marjane compares her mother to the Guardians of the Revolution, the secret police force of the Islamic regime. Marjane compares her mother's strict oversight of her schooling and social activities to the violence and strictness of the regime's secret police force. Her parents love her and seek to provide her with the best in

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