Reasons Why Students Should Get Paid For Good Grades?

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Have you ever wanted to get awarded for your work and grades in school? Well that’s what is happening in some schools in the United states. I think this should be happening in more and more schools around the world for some pretty good reasons. First, some parents have very low income and they can not provide for their families and if you are getting paid for the good grades you earned you can use that money to help your family. Another thing is, some kids do not like do their work and with the ability to make money for good grades would influence the kids to do their assignments and get promising grades.
Some families have low income and do not have too much money. But I think that students that earn money can help provide for their families.
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Some kids totally ignore the fact that they have to do work at home or at school and when they don’t do it they get in trouble or their grades drop. For example, according to National Education Association (NEA) article Cash for Grades? “Meanwhile, down the road more than 10,000 Dallas students have earned up to $400 for taking and passing Advanced Placement tests in a newly expanded $1.5 million program funded by a private foundation.” Even if their is lots of students, there is still a chance that you’ll make money because like I said about the Dallas students above, lots of people passed the test and earned money which lots of people are able to do. If that is not enough to convince a child to do their best in school, I don’t know what will. I think that kids would be really motivated to do fantastic in school because now they can earn money for their hard …show more content…
I really think that getting paid for good grades is a fantastic idea and it should happen. It is good way for low income families to get money, it is a really good way to make students push themselves to do good in school and to get the best grade that they can possibly get. I believe that if students around the world get paid for their hard work that there would be less poverty in the world and less non educated people because people want money and if you can get money by just getting good grades then people would be doing it. Also if people work really hard to get good grades in return to earn money in school, then when they graduate from high school and if they go to college or not, they would still try their hardest at whatever that they do because back in school they learned to be responsible and get good grades and you’d get paid. In the real world it’s just like that. For example, if you are a construction worker and you make lots of wrong measurements, you do not cut right and if you do not follow the blue print your given then you’d probably won’t get paid or even get fired. But if you follow the directions you are given and do your job and a good one, then you’d definitely would get paid and if your boss notices your effort they could even pay you more. All in all I think that getting paid for grades is a good idea and it should happen more around

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