Reasons Why Juveniles Should Not Be Sentenced As An Adult

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Serrano 1 Paola Serrano ERWC Mrs. Kehrmeyer 6 March 2015 Juvenile Justice Adolescents should not be tried or sentenced as an adult. Many of these juveniles have not yet reached a fully grown brain which makes them oblivious of the consequences. The Supreme Court ruled that juveniles who commit crimes could not be sentenced as an adult because it is violates the 8th amendment. There are many people who want to purge the 8th amendment because many people are being affected of these cases. I believed that the Supreme Court and Justice Alito are not right and juveniles should not punished so harshly as an adult and shouldn’t go to prison for life. Juveniles should be given a chance to not go to jail. In New York Times,“ Juveniles Don’t Deserve Life Sentences” by Gail Garinger, she states …show more content…
The United States has approximately 2,500 minors serving life without Serrano 2 parole for crimes that they committed when they were younger than 18 years old. You can not compare an juvenile with an adult who should be mature and take responsibilities for their actions. Neglect and child abuse can create a child to act out and crimes because they way they were treated at home. Sometimes kids choose to get in trouble and have their parents ' attention for that moment they are getting into trouble. In the New York Times, “Greg Ousley Is Sorry for Killing His Parents. Is That Enough?" by Scott Anderson, he explains "Greg was neither physically nor sexually abused"(Anderson100).When he interviewed Greg who was 14 years old, he saw that he was neglect by his father and his mom would just walk away from him. Greg was just immature and accepted a plea agreement of guilty but mentally ill. Although he impulsively planned his parent’s death he was rehabilitated and grow up knowing he will never purge his actions from that

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