Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned Essay

Have you ever gotten a packet of homework to do in one night? Well, based on research, I do not think homework is helpful in school. Homework can help kids create study habits and help with standardized test sometimes, but other than that homework really doesn’t do anything. In fact, some homework is actually harmful to a students learning experience. Homework should be banned because it can stress kids out, confuse the child on a subject, and can cause riots by parents. First of all, homework can stress kids out. If students have over an hour of homework in one night they can get freaked out. Lots of kids have after school sports or other activities and having homework on top of that is very stressful. Also, kids that have homework and are …show more content…
Parents hate to see their child struggling with homework. In some situations the parent gets so frustrated that they tell the child not to do the homework at all. “They think, if this is coming home, my child should be able to do it. If the child can’t, and especially if they feel like they can’t help, they may get angry with the child, and the child feels stupid.” Stated by Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman (When Homework Stresses Parents as Well as Students). I totally agree with her. Students should not be put in a situation where they don’t know what they are doing and the parent can’t do anything to help. Sometimes I bring home work and sit at the table to do it. My parents try to help me and they end up getting frustrated because we are taught a different way than them so they can’t help us. Some parents try and take control when their child is confused, but they just get very frustrated and angry at the school. On the other hand, people say that homework helps to create study and work habits. Doing homework at home create independent skills and problem solving skills for your student. Doesn’t work in school and doing your work independently in a classroom help more? Kids need to learn how to do things on their own, but if they need help it is better to ask the teacher who understands the subject rather than a parent who wants to help their stressed child. To conclude, I believe that students do not need homework. It can help the student way more if it is gone altogether. Homework should be banned because it can stress kids out, confuse the child on a subject, and can cause riots by parents. So do you think homework is

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