Argumentative Essay: Should Animals Be Used In Research?

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Today, animals are used in research for a number of reasons like to see how it affects them, also checking if it works. Many scientists believed that the heart was the center of the nervous system. McCoy, J.J “Animals in research, issues and conflicts.” p15.They keep the animals locked up in a choker thing that they put their heads in so that they cannot move. They try to squirm all over the place during testing.
Animals all over are locked up in labs somewhere being tested on every single day. Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in US labs every year just because of the animal testing. Some people agree with animal testing while others are completely against it. Animals are tested on instead of humans because some people see animals
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Several cosmetic tests are usually performed on the smaller animals like mice, and guinea pigs. Tests are performed by the chemical or product being applied to shaved skin and then it’s covered in plastic just to sit and wait to see if something happens in either a couple hours of just minutes after they apply it. Or if it’s for eyes then the product is dropped directly into the eye using an eye dropper. Now, hundreds of cosmetic and household product companies are rejecting animal tests and are taking advantage of non animal tests. Alternative tests such as, computer modeling, or human volunteers. Or the 3 R ’s, reduction, refinement, and replacement. Animal scientists make about $74,170 a year to test on animals and that’s about $35 an hour. Not only are the procedures taken during animal testing really long and dangerous, they are also very painful for the animal they are testing on.
The animals feel every single thing that those people are doing to them. unless the animals are dead or they put them to sleep. When they are doing testing they will use any size animal. It does not matter if the animal is a little baby kitten or a full grown adult size

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