Reading Writing : Reading And Writing Essay

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Reading and Writing Throughout Time
Growing up as a kid I remember my parents always reading to me, always trying to help me learn progress in life. In life reading and writing will never go away, from reading picture books to college reading assignments. I have noticed reading and writing only gets progressively harder throughout life so it 's way better to get the hang of it now.
Throughout my life reading and writing has come to challenge me more and more in school. And it has shaped me into who I am today. From having to do book reports in third grade to reading counts in middle school. Reading has made me come to realize that it is never going to go away. Reading and writing is in almost every aspect of life.
To begin with, my first memory of reading is when my mom would read a book to me at night. Every night my mom would read a book to me to help me fall asleep. The books would be picture books with small words in them. One of the books I mainly remember is “Green eggs and ham”. I liked hearing the rhymes in the book and it keep me pay attention to my mom reading to me. These books would eventually make me learn how to read.
After that my next memory is pre-k, when they would have us trace numbers and letter to get the hang of writing. This challenged me because eventually they would take the paper away that I used to trace and told me to try without using it. This began to help me learn how to write letters and numbers and eventually sentences. Pre-k was the…

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