Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Literacy

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How come literacy has such importance put upon yet there are still quite of few people I know that hate it? I personally have always hated to read and write, it was never my strong suit. Although I still received good grades in English classes for the most part throughout high school it never was enjoyable. English was my second language that I learned rather quickly. Throughout elementary, middle and high school I disliked every English related class all throughout my education. Even though I did not like reading and writing there have been exceptions where I did enjoy literacy related things throughout my life. Despising reading and writing does not mean one cannot excel at it or at least enjoy it once in a while. The journey started off …show more content…
Seeing this, she took me to the library one day and asked, “Do you guys have a summer reading program here?” and that’s when I gave a huge sigh. After that I was stacked upon with books to read day by day in the summer and I hated it. Every book put in front of me did not intrigue me, but still read them all. Also the fact that I would get prizes if I read more books helped motivate me to read as well. As much as I hated it, it did shape my reading today and allowed me to read at a faster pace. My mother forcing me to read helped me in that sense. Even though she was not fluent in English, she wanted me to become an intelligent person in hopes that in the future I would become very successful. Just like the summer reading program there was another one during the school year of elementary school called Accelerated reader. This basically was open for all students and allowed the kids to read the many books for prizes at the end of each year. Of course jealousy and greed was in every child during these times so everyone tried to read the most out of each other, including myself. Friends used to compete so they can have bragging rights of who received the coolest prize. This, much like the summer reading program I was in, helped in more or less in the same

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