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VVrooooooooooom, Zzzzooooooooommmmmmm …………………! Is it the sounds you love to hear, then you only need to check on the new Fastest Rc Car available. In the world today the RC cars are designed to come with the best speeds. Gone are the days you would stick on one remote controlled that doesn’t achieve more. This has been replaced by the best fastest car.
Have you ever thought of a best racing car that can hit 196 mph? Then think no further as with new RC cars hitting 196mph, moving beyond the renowned sporty cars like the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe; hitting only 186mph.
So, if you are out there and looking for the Fastest Rc Car in the world to buy, all that is done and you are sorted.
Check Below the fastest RC cars on sale.
1. Traxxas XO-1
Also called the supercar hitting a 100mph and designed to use the most effective and high powered LiPos batteries. Easy to control whenever speeding; its size designed to accommodate its speed without veering out of the road, achieving maximum stability.
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Amazing it may seem but Traxxas XO-1 does well when it comes to speed.Traxxas XO-1 is not only defined by speed, but it has a sexy look coming with varied colors for you to choose from.
2. Cen Racing CTR 5.0cc V2 Nitro Powered RTR
Characterized by 2 speed automatic transmission speeding at 90mph; engine capacity of 5.5cc V2 Nitro Powered RTR. The racing car is designed to suit the needs of speed, well fitted 2.5mm carbon fiber shock; which are made of aluminum and pure 100% silicon oil.
The bumper is well designed and installed with high impact foam that reduces amount of damage. Coupled by anti-roll bars that help the racing car in position especially it loses

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