Raven's Home Analysis

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Save Your Butts Or Save Your Momma... Your Choice! A Look Inside 'Raven's Home' Episode 6

[Contains Spoilers for Raven’s Home Episode 6: Adventures in Mommy-Sitting]
Most parents struggle to determine at what age they should leave their kids home alone. Raven and Chelsea face that dilemma this week in Raven’s Home.

In Desperate Need Of A Night Away From The Kids
Tired of spending their weekends scrubbing the bathroom, Raven and Chelsea decide to take action. Booker walks into the bathroom, asking about butter. He has gotten his head stuck in a bucket. Chelsea starts to get excited over their new toilet brush before realising how wrong it is. Raven says that she and Chelsea should be having fun not cleaning the bathroom.

Raven says that there
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Booker bossily tells her to take the tray back to the kitchen. She says that its fine, before they start fighting over it. The tray flies over and lands on a nearby chair. Levi admits that he thought Tess would be the one to spill something. Booker panics, saying that his mother will think he did it. Levi suggests flipping the cushion, stating that no one will know. Nia goes to flip the cushion only to find a massive dark stain on the other side. Booker sheepishly admits he had an accident with a chocolate bar the week before.

Tess says that she has an idea and that she’ll call her uncle for help. She explains that he knows how to get any type of stain out. Levi questions if he’s a dry cleaner and Tess says yes, not wanting to tell him the truth.

Trouble At The Club
At the entrance of the club, Raven and Chelsea have to show the bouncer ID. While Chelsea has hers, Raven has forgotten hers.

Chelsea is given entry, while Raven has to flirt her way past the bouncer. At first, the bouncer doesn’t buy it. Raven is forced to threaten him, explaining she is a hard-working single mother. The bouncer allows her entry.

Before they let their hair down, Raven and Chelsea decide to call the kids to see how they’re
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Booker, Nia and Tess rush for the door, only for Levi to remind them they can’t leave. Tess says that the group have got two choices. One is to save their own butts or to go out and save their mothers from the vault. Nia is able to talk her brother into saving their mother and Chelsea. Levi isn’t far behind.

Just as the kids leave, the cushion that was sitting in the window, falls out onto the pavement below.

Another Blow For the Giant Lady… And Getting Locked In A Vault
Raven and Chelsea are still having their fun when Raven, once again bumps into Brenda. The giant lady spills her drink all over herself. Raven tries to fix her mistake by cleaning Brenda’s top only to rip it. Chelsea accidentally insults Brenda by calling her a dog.

At the entrance of the club, the kids arrive and try to bribe their way into the club. The bouncer won’t have it, forcing the kids to walk away in ‘defeat’.

Somewhere in the club, Chelsea tells Raven that they should just go home to the kids. Raven tells her that they aren’t going home and they deserve the night off. Brenda then pops up behind them, asking who they’re avoiding. The friends run for their

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