Racism Against Mexican Immigrant Community

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Racism Against the Mexican Immigrant Community
Criminals, liars, job stealers, and illegals are just a few harmful comments said about the majority if not all of the Mexican society. For years Mexican immigrants have been the center of a lot of powerful leaders and some of the American society’s attention. Today there has been a significant rise in the views of Mexican immigrants as the election draws nearer. One of the candidates for this year’s election has even been quoted saying that the only type of people Mexico is sending into the United States are rapists, criminals, and drug smugglers. All of which is not true. Mexico is not sending anyone to the U.S., their citizens are making
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Many members of society, including political, and social leaders have made assumptions about Mexican immigrants regarding their true intentions for wanting to be in the United States. One of the most common stereotypes heard today is that all Mexicans are criminals or drug dealers who are just here to create trouble for U.S. citizens. Well, it’s not true, not all of them are criminals and they’re not all drug dealers, some are just here to make a better life for themselves. Lately, the United States has been stuck in its own nativist views and have been unfairly targeting Mexican immigrants. Since there has been a sudden rise in criminal activity and violence in the U.S, Mexican immigrants have been partially blamed for it. Which is unfair because the whole population is not smuggling drugs across the border or in underground tunnels, and they’re not all out committing heinous crimes. Yes, there are a few that have criminal backgrounds, have sold and, or smuggled drugs across the border but so have native-born American citizens. U.S. citizens have been smuggling drugs all across the United States even before members of the Mexican community started immigrating to the United States. Zada Lavergne

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