Racial Profiling Research Paper

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I. Racial Profiling and Racially Biased Policing
Racial Profiling has known to spread quick during this early century, although it was bad before people say that it has only got worse. However, that’s just the opinion of some and no one really knows the correct information. The best way racial profiling can be described is provided in Criminal Justice, A Brief Introduction “Discriminatory policing, said the writers, “occurs when police officers and departments unfairly enforce the law-or fail to enforce the law-based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religion, or [sexual preference].” “Subjecting individuals to different treatment” (Schmalleger, 2016) Racially Biased Policing is when police officers are monitored.
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In some place it is not against the law to discriminate because all the around the world there are still places that discriminate. An example of racial profiling would be; a colored male being stop multiple times for driving a nice Mercedes and eventually this male gets tired of it because it is something that will definitely be frustrating. This happens when cops are racist and don’t understand that all people are equal and that a colored person will work as hard as a white to have a nice car. This has become a significant issue because a lot of cops have been recently gone to trials due to the fact many white cops have taken out all their police force against colored people. Racially biased policing has helped improve racial profiling by regular checkups on police officers because Supervisors can monitor statistics to make sure that police officers are doing everything the correct way. Biased policing has sure make a good impact of the communities that would struggle with disrespecting of minorities. Statistics show that it has improve so it has become a significant issue in

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