Race, Ethnicity, And Culture Essay

767 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Race is associated with biology of human beings, whereas ethnicity is associated with the origin and culture. An individual coming into a society where his ethnicity and race is unfamiliar, an opportunity is open for both the individual and the population of that society to learn and get to know each other. It is imminent that the people of different racial backgrounds, especially multi-ethnic groups, will face all kinds of stereotypes when coming to a new society that is completely unfamiliar with the physical features, culture, traditions and world view of that ethnic group. However, that can be rectified with positive involvement and communication in different areas of that society. Individuals coming from various ethnic and racial backgrounds have an advantage, by representing themselves and their ethnic background into new societies through various platforms such as public speaking, active involvement in events and most of all direct interaction with the local community. Individuals can create a positive influence over the people of a new society by sharing knowledgeable content from their culture and explain how it relates to others, it will not only make sure that the society around them has gains understanding of their background but also help to form a mutual trust. There are many ethnic groups that are unfamiliar to the societies around the world and there is a high probability that misconceptions related to their culture or belief is present. However, it does…

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