Diversity Issues Reflection On Ethnicity

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Diversity Issues reflection on Ethnicity
During the whole semester, we have studied lots of issues related to diversity in America through the textbook and the weekly discussions in this class. I’m born and raised in the East Asia, also the Asian who is studying college in the United States. Because of my identity and life experiences let me have an interest in this course, I care about the diversity issues especially about an ethnicity. To be frank, I have never really known what is the difference between the word "Ethnicity" and "Race." I thought this two word was entirely the same meaning. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, "ethnicity" is more like a social group, they share a distinctive culture, religion, language, etc. The "Race" is
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There are so many conflicts in many regions of the world that we have to try something and understand what’s the different cultures of the world. Gloria Anzaldua mentioned “If you want to be an American, speak American. If you don’t like it, go back to Mexico where you belong.” (Gloria Anzaldua, P521) I think this behavior might still happen in our generation now. The behavior of different ethnic groups can have many positive and negative effects on the future of the world. Obviously, she has a tough time in her childhood, and just like an immigrant or a language as second language learner moved to new place in the beginning. Take me for example, I moved to Utah about a year, and I can’t see lots of Asian people here. I probably only see less than 3 Asian in a day. Sometimes, when I go to the store, market, etc. I can feel some people unfriendly with me, and I don’t even know it 's because he or she has racial discrimination? Or something, and let me feel very uncomfortable. I had been living in San Francisco for about four months. In there, I have an entirely different feeling with living in Utah. I think the reason is the Asian population is higher in the California, and most of the Americans accepted them gradually. Anzaldua does not stop because of her teacher said something to her, she decided to keep going to grow …show more content…
When we meet someone who is a different race with us, we might use the different way to look at them and treat them. That also might change even more if they are also speaking any different language than what we are using. Sometimes, we might lose who we are if we have to act and speak differently at home than we do at work or school. In our weekly discussion three, Min-Zhan Lu mentioned “The more suspicious I became about the way I read and wrote, the guiltier that I felt for losing the spontaneity with which I had learned to use these languages.” (From Silence to Words: Writing as Struggle, Min-Zhan Lu, P147) It must be exhausting to have to do that on a daily basis. We would probably get tired and lose ourselves if we constantly had to do this. That is the question I might face right now, and I live with people came from the same country with me. But when I go out, I have to act like an American. After a long time, I will lose my culture and do what I used to do. Sometimes, I find ourselves in a place where we do not racially fit in, and I also might have the fear of being seen as an enemy to our peers. I think I might have to change and act like and speak like them that we have not perceived as an enemy and different with others. Min-Zhan Lu also mentioned, “But I was unable to acknowledge, grasp, or grapple with what I was experiencing, for both my parents and my teachers, had suggested that, if I were a good

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