Racial Diversity In The United States

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The United States is a country rooted in change. Whether caught up in an international war or embroiled in internal strife, America is in a constant state of flux, rarely settling into peaceful periods and frequently falling into trouble. Economic depressions, natural disasters, civil war, international incidents, and political scandals are only a few of the many trials that the United States have faced as a nation. While all of these obstacles loom large in our heritage, one of the greatest points of contention throughout America’s history has been that of racial diversity, its associated conflicts, and reactions sparked by them.
There are many examples of America’s struggle with racial diversity, ranging from the horrors of the Indian Schools to the injustice of the Japanese internment camps to the widespread hate crimes against African Americans following the Civil War, but the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s is easily one of the most polarizing periods in United States history as a whole, as well as in its timeline of ever progressing equality. Following the tide of cultural changes brought about by the forced shifting of roles during World War II, the Civil
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During what became known as the Second Reconstruction, African Americans organized protests, sit-ins, and committed various acts of civil disobedience to draw further attention to their cause of fighting against some of the same racial issues they had faced since the first Reconstruction. Unlike the first Reconstruction, the conflicts of the Civil Rights Movement were not confined to the heavily racist Southern states, leading to broader, more sweeping reforms regarding America’s racial

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