Affirmative Action On College Admissions

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Affirmative Action in College Admissions
The history of the United States is saturated with vivid accounts of ethnic discrimination and segregation. Ever since the country’s birth, people whose ethnicity is seen to be in the minority, which includes Americans of Asian, African, and Latin descent, have been both viewed and treated as lesser than American people of European descent; this is evident in the history of slavery, suffrage, and employment discrimination. Though the Unites States has taken substantial steps toward alleviating this ingrained ethnic prejudice, and has passed justifying measures in order to remedy past transgressions against people of minority, still there remains a societal inequality between Americans of European descent and Americans of non-European descent (“Define American” 267-270). Affirmative action was created for the purpose of eliminating this perceived inequality in both the workplace and academic institution. Regardless of the fact that these programs were initiated with the best intentions of providing more political, social, and academic opportunities for people of minority, they have prompted a controversy which questions the projected social effects of the programs on non-minority individuals, and the realistic benefits for the people which it is intended to help (Green 139-140). Despite any minor discrepancies, however, both proponents and critics of Affirmative Action strive to accomplish a single goal: unite and support every student

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