Questions And Questions On Interviews Essay

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Chapter 3 Different type of Interviews and how to face them
Interviewers use many different types of interviews. Therefore, it is best to know how to present yourself as the best candidate in each type of interview.
The most common type of interview is the traditional interview where you meet in a small room with one interviewer. The interviewer will ask you a series of questions and listen to your answers. Be as much like the interviewer as possible. If the interviewer comes across as rushed and hardnosed, then step up your pace. Alternatively, if the interviewer seems more relaxed, take a deep breath and slow down.
If you can, determine how long the interviewer expects the interview to last. If the interviewer expects it to last about 30 minutes, then keep your answers short and to the point. If the interviewer expects it to last an hour or more, then you have time to go more in-depth with your answers.
While it is important to never interrupt the interviewer, when possible, rely on your research to open the interview with why you think you are the right person for the job. This will show the interviewer that you are ready to get to work and have done your homework. Rehearsing these statements at home before the interview also allows you to relax and focus.
Many people have problems speaking great things about themselves and the work that they have done. The job interview is not a place that you can afford to suffer from this inability to say positive things about…

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