Quality Of Drinking Water Pollution Essay

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Quality of drinking water is the most concerned topic in China. In 2007, official estimates of the extent of water pollution in China were doubled. Clean water is key of human to survive, and also plants and animals need water to grow; therefore water quality has to be kept clean. Water pollution was caused by many human activities and it also has a great effect on the population that need an urgent attention.
Over million people in China lack access to safe drinking water (Patricia). With a huge amount of Chinese population, preventing the death of people cause by lack access to safe drinking water is impossible if the government doesn’t give full attention on this issue. The population in the countryside of China decreases constantly because they are uneducated; they don’t know whether the water they drink is clean or not. The marine life also affect by the water pollution; so many species of marine live extinct (Patricia). Many of fishermen in China are jobless due to the continually decreasing of marine life, and it takes more than 10 billion dollars to save these marine life. The river is separated from the ocean; therefore the water pollution can spread out to the ocean or other rivers. The more time we lack attention from the issue, the much water pollution is going to occur. These information reveal how much important to solve the issue of water pollution rather than just let it go.
Almost all bodies of water in the world have some level of pollution from chemicals…

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