Environmental Factors Of Water Pollution In New York City

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In past decades, New York City has had various issues which have had a major impact concerning health and wellness. There are a lot of specific environmental issues that are putting a major negative effect on NYC environmental factors. One issue that sparked my interest specifically is water pollution.
The human body is 3 quarts of water. Water is essential to sustain life on all levels. New York City is covered with nearly 1,850 miles of shoreline, thousands of lakes, rivers, and others waterways. Protecting our water resources is critical to New York 's economy, environment, and health. NYC has made progress within our ocean and waterways controlling pollution, however, they are still plagued by widespread pollution; fisheries, marine habitat
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We are what we eat and breathe. The land is your resource for harvesting food sources, grazing grasslands, safe havens for urbanization which are a by-product of its foundation. Control of the ecosystem balance is paramount. Each source depends on the other. Non-toxic, clean water is primary in the intricate chain of dependency.
The elimination of existing environmental hazards is essential in order to ensure that communities are not burdened by poisonous chemical waste deposits into the soil which reaches the water system presenting health hazards. For example, eating fish and crabs taken from polluted waterways can harm people 's health, due to the chemical contaminants. It is harmful to our ecosystem and air quality as
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For example nicer and more comfortable homes, better clothes, more effective medicines, and more efficient means of transportation. So in turn, the systems of production, distribution, and consumption of material goods and energies always result in the release of waste products into the environment. The poor and especially the nonwhite poor bear a disproportionate burden of exposure to suboptimal, unhealthy environmental conditions in the United States. (Evans and Kantrowitz, 2002). Polluted water and air, hazardous waste dumps are all examples of the price that society pays for improving its standard of living. Given our way of life, hazardous industries, hazardous waste dumps, radioactive storage sites, and other environmentally undesirable sites which end up polluting the water exist and the need to inform the society on how to stop water pollution is

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