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Contingency Plan Template Appendix I-3



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Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary 1
2 Introduction 1 2.1 Purpose 3 2.2 Scope 3 2.3 Plan Information 3
3 Contingency Plan Overview 4 3.1 Applicable Provisions and Directives 4 3.2 Objectives 4 3.3 Organization 5 3.4 Contingency Phases 8 3.4.1 Response Phase 8 3.4.2 Resumption Phase 8 3.4.3 Recovery Phase 8 3.4.4 Restoration Phase 9 3.5 Assumptions 9 3.6 Critical Success Factors and Issues 9 3.7 Mission Critical Systems/Applications/Services 10 3.8 Threats 10 3.8.1 Probable Threats 11
4 System
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Contains introductory descriptions from all sections.


This document contains the Contingency Plan for the . It is intended to serve as the centralized repository for the information, tasks, and procedures that would be necessary to facilitate the management’s decision-making process and its timely response to any disruptive or extended interruption of the department's normal business operations and services. This is especially important if the cause of the interruption is such that a prompt resumption of operations cannot be accomplished by employing only normal daily operating procedures.

In terms of personnel and financial resources, the information tasks and procedures detailed in this plan represent the management’s demonstrated commitment to response, resumption, recovery, and restoration

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