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ontIKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Program
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IKEA Supplier Quality Assurance Group

IKEA Quality Competence Network



Table of Content 0. Introduction 1. Start-Up Process 2. Receiving Inspection 3. Production Assurance 4. Final Inspection 5. Document and Sample Control 6. Quality Development A. Facilities B. Non-Conformances C. Measuring Equipment D. Status of Goods E. Traceability Appendixes 1. Process Control Requirement - Gluing 2. Process Control Requirement – Surface Treatment Roller Coating UV 3. Process Control Requirement – Surface Treatment Spraying Waterborne Lacquer

Customer expectations (CEPQ) including requirements specified in the IKEA product documentation shall
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1st delivery shall be approved by IKEA before dispatch. 1.8 Capacity and Capability The IKEA Supplier shall plan and ensure that the required capacity and capability will be available in order to fulfil own commitments and made agreements. The IKEA Supplier shall inform IKEA about any changes in capacity or capability, influencing the IKEA production or delivery schedule. The IKEA Supplier must secure capacity and capability, at own site as well as at subsuppliers, prior to quotation answer, start-up of running production and order/delivery confirmation. 1.9 Key Sub-suppliers The IKEA Supplier shall identify and inform IKEA about choice and changes of key subsuppliers delivering key raw material/ components/ fittings or contracted for critical production processes. 1.10 Test-status Summary The IKEA Supplier shall have a documented test-status summary of all required tests, self declarations and Certificates of Compliance. The test-status summary shall as a minimum have the following information:
Article number Type of Material Sub-Supplier Reference (specification) number Type of test/self declaration required Certificate of Compliance Required acceptance limit Test Result Date of Test Test Laboratory (approved by IKEA) Expiry date and frequency

The IKEA Supplier shall ensure that the following are received, analysed and understood before signing agreements: All points in IKEA Contract Review Capacity & Capability Key sub-suppliers CEPQ – Product specific Process

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