Qualities And Characteristics Of An Exemplary Teacher

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Personal Exemplary Teacher Essay What characteristics does an exemplary teacher display? Characteristics that often describe these professionals are: motivated, committed, demand achievement, expectations, provides opportunities, goal orientated, relational, great listener, perceptive, innovative, and knowledgeable ("Qualities of Exemplary Teachers - Taking Center Stage-Act II (TCSII) (CA Dept of Education)," n.d.). As I reminiscence about the three teachers I admired during my academic career I discovered that each one display many of the exemplary teacher characteristics. During my reflection all three of my teachers I realized had very similar teaching styles and personalities. Each of these teachers were knowledgeable about the subject …show more content…
I would say that these teachers took more of an authoritative teaching style. Authoritative teaching style is very similar to authoritative parenting. It is defined as a “combination of high behavioral expectations and warm emotional support” (Berg & Cornell, 2016). This definition is how these three teachers managed their classrooms. Students understood the expectations and knew there would be consequences if those expectations were not meet. There was such respect for these teachers that we wanted to please the teacher and wanted to learn from them. It should be noted, that these three teachers had respect for their students. These teachers demanded achievement, but they supported and help the students to acquire that achievement through much emotional support and a “part” of the students life. As a student, I was taught, supported, and encouraged in the classroom. I did not have the extra burden of trying to learn with disruption surrounding me. These teachers had classroom/behavioral management mastered. I believe that I would integrate an eclectic classroom/behavioral management to my classroom. I believe that authoritarian style does work well, but I would like to add some democracy to the classroom. I believe that a teacher can maintain authority, but also allow students to assist with rules, expectation, etc. My goal is to have a classroom where students can learn and not feel unsafe. Ms. Bestie, my elementary school teacher, was a “class act” when it came to management. We learned that follow rules was a lot easier than the consequences. The consequence of rewriting the dictionary kept all us of 6th graders behaved. She had such a loving presence no wanted to make her feel bad and we wanted to make her

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