Qcf Level 2 Medication Unit Essay

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Unit 4222-616 Administer medication to individuals, and monitor the effects (ASM 34)

Outcome 1 Understand legislation, policy and procedures relevant to the administration of medication

1. In the workplace there is a generic Medication Management Policy and Procedures for Adult Services (Issue 10, 2012) document. This is kept to hand in a locked cupboard, readily available to read. It requires that all Healthcare Staff are given mandatory training and refreshers are provided. Legislation which surrounds the administration of medication includes The Medicines Act 1968, The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, The Data Protection Act 1998, The Care Standards Act 2000 and The Health and Social Care Act 2001

Outcome 2 Know about common
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Gloves Cover hands. To minimise the risk of cross infection.

Sharps Disposal Container Dispose of medication paraphernalia. Avoids infection and to eliminate non-injection safety. Safeguards clients as well as staff.

MARS Chart Record administration of medication. In order to maintain accurate records and in cases of emergencies and to monitor the service users health for improvements or deteriation.

2. It is important that Prescriptions and medication administration charts display certain important information relevant to the client and prescribed medication this includes, the patients name, date of birth, address, name of doctor and surgery address, medication name, dosage, amount of tablets prescribed and the route of administration as well as how many times per day the tablet needs to be taken and at what time. The box will also give a date as to when the prescription was dispensed, by checking this, it is also possible to ensure the medication is not out of date.

Outcome 4 Be able to prepare for the administration of medication.

2. Medication must be appropriately timed throughout the day to ensure that the levels of drug in the body is maintained, if a dose was missed or left too long, the levels may go too low, as well as the dose being too high if the tablet was given too early. In order to ensure the individual has not taken any medication recently, it is important to check the MARS chart for an initial at the

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