Qantas Sustainability Review 2013 Essay

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The Transformation Continues

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Page Introduction Governance − − − − Corporate Governance Business Resilience Group Security Group Risk and Audit 2 4 4 9 10 11 13 15 19 22 31 38 45 49 56 57

Stakeholder Engagement Financial Safety and Health Customer People Environment Procurement Community Measures Glossary

The Group Strategy, supported by environment, procurement and community strategies, underpins the identification and reporting on material items.

To support the Group’s core goal of delivering sustainable returns to shareholders, areas of focus are used to measure, monitor and report
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The Group Strategy underpins our vision and positions the Group towards delivering sustainable returns to our shareholders.

The Qantas Sustainability Review 2013 provides a holistic review of the Group’s governance structures.

The Qantas Sustainability Review 2013 provides an overview of our commitment to Stakeholder Engagement.



The Group is committed to ensuring supplier relationships are managed in a competitive, fair and ethical manner.

To inspire social impact through community leadership, commitment and excellence.

A leading airline group The success of the Qantas committed to environmental Group is underpinned by our sustainability. People and ensuring that our People are skilled, developed, motivated and supported to do great things.

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Engagement Communication Diversity Development Talent Recognition Industrial Relations Supporting

» Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Fuel Efficiency and Fleet Renewal — Biofuel — Carbon Offset — Utilities and Resources » Noise Impacts » Environmental Engagement

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