Pawsome Holistics Case Study

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Marketing Mix Pawsome Holistics:
It is important to understand what the marketing mix is before applying it our business. Marketing mix consists of what is known as the 4 Ps. The Marketing Mix is a general phrase that can enlighten our organization with a variety of choices that it possesses when it is planning to bring a new product in the current market. The best way to define Marketing Mix is by listing down the 4 Ps:
The 4Ps are:
• Product (or Service)
• Place
• Price
• Promotion

These 4Ps which will be discussed in the following paragraphs, these Ps give us the definition on price, product, promotion, and place so that any firm’s offer could satisfy the demands set by the particular customer. It establishes a platform where
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Pawsome Holistics which reflects the idea of what kind of services are being offered, the word “Paw” given an idea that these are related to animals. It is necessary to make sure that there is something different being offered as compared to what the others in the same field are offering. In this case, Pawsome Holistic is one of its kind and hence this innovate idea is doing this best possible marketing.

Marketing should be done at the right time and the right place. Pawsome Holistic has a three-part approach to the P for Place. In office, In home, online. These three things if adapted properly will boost the demand for our services.

The places that you base your business need to be easily accessible to your customers. Whether it is brick and mortar or on the internet. No one wants to exert extra effort in finding, parking, or searching the web for a challenging location. Pawsome Holistics will offer customers a local office visible to clientele and close in town close for most residents of the community; allowing customers to quickly bring their pets for daily check up, along with family friendly surroundings that give a pleasant ambiance. An online platform will be offered this approach will allow a customer to easily access obtain advice as to whether to bring to the clinic, receive home care or something as simple as a vets guidance or
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The first online platform would also mean a minor investment and initially the costs could be kept to a minimum. One way to approach the third “P” would be to carry out a survey in the targeted neighborhood to get an idea regarding price points which pet owners are willing to accept if their pets are given excellent services.

As previously stated today, everyone is on social media and therefore the best possible way to promote your services should be through Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best way to promote the services is by sponsoring Ads on facebook, and this would allow people to get an idea of what the whole concept is about (Srivastava, n.d.). Pawsome Holistic will use these platforms to define their unique services and set ourselves apart for the traditional veterinary services. Secondly, we will spread our message through our satisfied customers by utilizing social media as well as media outlets to offer free services. We will provide free online support, with suggestions for the care of your pets, creating virtual

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