The Advantages Of The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception,pricing,promotion and distribution of ideas,goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual organizational objectives.Social media marketing,therefore, is basically the use of social media platforms to promote products and/or services.

Social media marketing consists of actions taken to build and maintain desirable relationships with target audiences involving a product,idea or a service.A company or organization that has adopted social media marketing as its basic marketing tool does not simply aim at attracting new customers only but also to grow business and build a lasting relationship with their customers.Social media marketers want to build strong economic and social connections by promisind and consistently delivering superior value.

However,marketing is a never-ending process and therefore needs constant attention for it to be termed as
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Marketing execution-this stage is also known as the implementation stage.Once the objectives and strategies have been put into place,the next staep is to implement the actions developed during the planning process.This is accomplished using promotional advertising and all the other methods devised while planning.
Marketing evaluation-this is where the implemented strategies are monitored,data collected and evaluated through analytical comparison with goals and objectives.The company analyses the effectiveness of social media marketing including pricing,promotion and distribution of its products.
A company 's marketing can be evaluated relative to their competitors performance using measures such as customer satisfaction then they can make changes desired according to their

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