Pursuing A Nursing Career : What Path Should You Take? Essay

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Pursuing a Nursing Career: What Path Should you take?
“No matter what you do, do not become a nurse!” My mother drilled these words into my head growing up.
After wasting two years of time and money attending college in hopes of finding a career path that I would like to pursue other than nursing I decided to put my mothers advice behind me and follow my heart by starting my journey to becoming a nurse, I was meant to be a nurse. I applied to a competitive ten month accelerated Practical Nursing Program, after passing my TEAS exam, completing the application process, and having an interview; I was accepted! Out of the 160 individuals that applied 32 of us were accepted into the program. Have you always dreamed of being a nurse? Do you find great joy in helping others? What are you waiting for? Now is the time to follow your dreams! The first decision you have to make when beginning your nursing career is whether you’d like to become a Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. As a graduate of a Practical Nursing program I strongly urge you to become a Registered Nurse. Obtaining a degree as a Registered Nurse is beneficial in many ways, it provides you with countless amounts of opportunities in your nursing career, opportunities that practical nurses do not have. Becoming a Registered Nurse will give you a more extensive and in depth education, a wider scope of practice, and a higher salary. ((“Licensed Practical,” (n.d.))
Everyday nurses with different levels of education…

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