Essay about Pursuing A Career Early Childhood And Special Education

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Pursuing a career in early childhood and special education has been a plan of mine since I can remember being a very young girl, however, circumstances placed before me lead me to believe perhaps it wasn’t achievable for a young country girl named; Tiaira Marie Greene. My interests in early childhood education, mostly special education dates back to my middle-high school years when I began to learn that every person is different, learns differently in all areas of their learning of academics and scholastics capabilities. For whatever reason, I have always struggled to maintain good grades, because exams dropped my overall grades. Homework, projects, quizzes, class work, communication, group projects and collaboration showed successful knowledge gain in all academic areas, and that I obtain information that reflected my understanding of what was before me. Yet, hand me an exam, and I panic, and everything I know and understand vanishes from my mind, I go completely blank, my hands gets sweaty, and my body gets all ties up in knots. I get so overwhelmed that I have often been escorted to the ladies room to throw-up by a professor, typically a professor that is quiet kind, and caring of the situation. Some even expected it, which was a feeling of relief in of itself. Hence, causing my overall grades to drops, because tests are reviewed as knowledge gained. Test anxiety is a hindrance, but test results are not the only reflection of the person you are, who you are within…

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