Purpose Of Mathematics And Geometry Essay

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Statement of Purpose Mathematics and geometry have always been my passion since my childhood. I had easily learned the numbers and basic calculations before I started primary school. I have consistently passed my mathematics classes successfully through my eagerness of the mathematics. Since I was a successful student at the other classes as well, I got opportunity to go to one of the most prestigious high schools which was far from my town. In addition, I was the first person who went to this high school from my town; therefore, so many future students have been inspired by me. I basically took math and other science classes to go to science school and I started studying physics. Studying physics for two years was a prologue for me to discover the statistics. In one of my classes, while debating about Pareto 's principle - the 80-20 rule-, I realized the importance of interpretation and organization of data. As a result of my research and directions of my advisor, I decided to change my major to statistics. I had a strong aptitude for statistics. During my undergraduate education, I attended many seminars and conferences in which was set different platforms. I also attended a cultural program, called "Work and Travel", is aiming to go to the US in the summer break to work in a job and to travel the country. I worked at Kings Dominion in Virginia which is a popular amusement park at the east of the US. Because I spent two years studying physics, I dedicated to get my…

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