Public School Vs. Public Schools Essays

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Despite decades of discussion, state athletic associations still struggle with the so-called private versus public debate. This debate concerns how state athletic associations can establish a competitive balance between private and public high schools. In the debate, public school supporters argue that private schools have an unfair advantage because they can selectively enroll quality students without geographical boundaries. Further, they argue favorable socioeconomic factors allow private schools a competitive advantage with better athletic facilities and the capability to hire more coaches than public schools.
In response to critics, high school athletic associations have tried various plans to eliminate the private school competitive advantage. These plans fit into the following general categories: enrollment classifications, socioeconomic classifications, multiplier factors, and separate playoffs or divisions (Johnson, Tracy, & Pierce, 2015). Because no plan completely solves the competitive balance problem, state associations have changed approaches over the years in search for a better solution. In this regard, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) is no different in searching for the best solution. Over the years, TSSAA has considered various plans and made adjustments accordingly. Consequently, TSSAA stakeholders must not only understand the current plan issues but they must also understand the implications associated with potential…

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