Public Health And Community Health Essay

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Public Health and Community Health are intertwined, often public health is included in the community, which includes health education and the promotion of health (Cottrell, Girvan, McKenzie, & Seabert, 2015). According to the World Health Organization, Public/Community Health Education/Promotion is a method used to empower, modify, and improve one’s behavior “towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions” which prevents disease, and promotes health, among the population as a whole (World Health Organization, 2016, para 1).

Furthermore, Public/Community Health Education/Promotional programs aim is to educate and promote healthy changes in a targeted audience such as a population, community, state, or nation. These changes can be implemented through the use of community volunteers or health educators by developing and implementing health educational programs that incorporate an assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. An example of Public/Community Health Education/Promotion would be smoking cessation in public areas such as bars and restaurants, flu vaccines, and disease prevention such as heart disease and lung disease.

According to Cottrell, Girvan, McKenzie, and Seabert define Worksite Health Education/Promotion as “health education/promotion programs offered by business and industry entities for their employees (Cottrell, Girvan, McKenzie, & Seabert, 2015, p. 368). Worksite Health Education/Promotion programs can encourage employees…

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