Essay on Public And Harm American Public Schools

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On March 23, 2016, a guest speaker Dr. David C. Berliner, regents’ Professor of Education Emeritus at Arizona State University, was welcomed to Central Michigan University and spoken on "Myths (and Lies) that Deceive the Public and Harm American Public Education” based on his most recent book published in 2014 and co-authored with Gene V. Glass. Dr. Berliner is the leading expert in educational psychology and on education policy. This presentation is conducted by the T.R. Johnson Endowment established in 1992 to honor CMU graduates T.Ray Johnson, Timothy Robert “Bob” Johnson and Myra Thon Johnson. Annual endowment earnings are used to support speakers who further enhance excellence in teaching and learning within the College of Education and Human Services and the greater CMU educational community. The purpose of the speech is to explain that the major misunderstanding popular myth or policies by public highly affects Arizona’s public schools, and what are the true reasons that most influence on the reality public school in Arizona State.
Dr. Berliner first pointed out the most common mistake of the local education legislations in Arizona. He stated the most powerful people who control valued resources to lead to the way they want to keep. The power dynamic allows them to be able to ignore the reality and establish the role in order to maintain social order, which can be understood by the conflict perspective of sociology. Dr. Berliner started with a joke about the weather…

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