Essay On Becoming Anesthesiologist

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When I was a little girl I was obsessed with playing house. I would always want to be the mom too. This allowed me to know I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. I love babysitting and I work at a daycare. Then when I started to get a little older, I was always interested in cuts, bumps, and bruises. I started to think I wanted to become a part of the medical field, but I didn’t know which part. Then I got my wisdom teeth out. While the doctor was giving me the anesthesia, I began to think of myself doing that to other people. This idea stuck in my head, I wanted to become an anesthesiologist. No matter what, I knew I wanted to grow up and help These two careers are indulging to me. They have obvious differences, but they both have perks that stand out and make them better than every other career.
An anesthesiologist does various tasks during a shift. Just like any career in healthcare, they need to focus on the care of patients. An anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia to the patients for the procedure. They also need to monitor the patient’s heart rate. An elementary school teacher
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To receive the acceptable amount of schooling, one must be in a total of at least twelve extra years of schooling. The first step in to receive a bachelor 's degree, or undergraduate. This step takes four years of college. The second step is to take the MCAT to get into medical school. The MCAT is a specially designed test, which asks medical related questions. This is not an easy test to pass. Once one passes this test, only then can they move onto another four years medical school. The third step in three to seven years anesthesia school. Most anesthesiologist have a doctorate degree, which is another four years of college. To become an anesthesiologist one must pass the USMLE and/or the COMLEX test. More info about the test site

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