Pros And Cons Of Strict Gun Laws

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Strict Gun Laws

The gun laws in the United States are becoming too strict for the American citizens. The laws are making it almost impossible for the general public to own or handle a gun. The government is passing many laws that make the restrictions harder for everyone. Some of the laws are alright, but too many people are going too far with the laws. Here are just some examples of why the laws are getting to be too outrageous. In January of 2013 President Obama made a law to try and slow and even stop the gun crimes and accidents in America. The law improved the background checks on anyone who is buying a firearm; it banned any assault weapon, large capacity magazines of ammunition and took many other prevention actions (5). Most of the gun laws that the government is signing into action go against the second amendment which says that the citizens have the right to bear arms (6). Some people are suing because they are being denied their personal rights when they cannot purchase a gun or get a carry permit (6). There are many pros and
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It is becoming way too strict for the average person to own a firearm. Also the reason people want stricter laws are for all the wrong reason. People need to understand that the gun doesn 't kill people by itself the people behind them do that part, but people blame the guns not the actual reason. Which is wrong and is not used for any other thing except for guns. Kind of like cars, just because one person is a bad driver doesn 't mean that the government steps in and takes everyone 's vehicles because that doesn 't make any sense. So why does it for guns? My answer for that is because some people just need to blame the issue on something. If you agree with any of these statements that I made let 's come together and stop the gun laws from growing in power and take back our Second Amendment rights to our guns, our protection, our safety , and our

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