Pros And Cons Of School Uniform

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The Controversy of Being Cool in School To wear a uniform or not to wear a uniform? That is the question. Many schools nowadays require uniforms to be worn by the students. Not only Catholic and private schools require uniforms, but charter schools and some public schools also do. Although some argue that a uniform takes away from students being unique individuals, uniforms should be looked at as a positive requirement for schools. Uniforms are great for various reasons such as they reduce peer pressure and bullying, look professional, lower stress for students to choose what to wear, and improve discipline throughout the student body. One of the most common arguments against school uniforms is that they take away from the students’ ability to freely express themselves through what they wear. Since everyone has to wear the same clothes, some find it difficult to stand out and be unique in their school community. Teenagers especially want to express themselves and display their creativity through their choices and their clothing. Some people believe that a restriction on how someone should dress is somewhat like a restriction on their thoughts and that students would not think freely since …show more content…
schools in the public school system required students to wear uniforms during the 2011-2012 school year. This causes an issue for some families, and they end up being against school uniforms. A school uniform is an extra expense since parents still need to provide their children with clothes for weekend events, sports uniforms, and just out-of-school activities in general. It is unfair for families to pay over one hundred dollars on a uniform when the education itself is guaranteed to be free. Uniform policies are unfair to the less wealthy families who have other things to pay for while they rely on education to be the one free thing for their

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