Pros And Cons Of Emergency Responsibilities

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CHAPTER EMERGENCY PROCEDURE TEAM RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Emergency Procedure Team: President (in charge) Vice President-Standards House Chairman Chapter Council Adviser

2. Emergency phone numbers for police, fire, emergency medical service/ambulance and campus security should be posted by all phones in the chapter facility.

3. Chapter member immediately contacts the appropriate emergency service and a member of the Emergency Procedure Team.

4. Chapter President
• Ensures appropriate emergency service has been notified.
• Notifies team members and begins gathering facts.

5. Vice President-Standards
• Utilizes the current Emergency Information Card to supply emergency personnel with any information necessary about the member(s) involved.
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• Chapter meeting should be held as soon as possible.
• Proceed as stated above for housed chapters.

11. Dealing with Media
• Do not make statements to the media, campus or community, print or electronic.
• Only the President or Chapter Council Adviser should speak on behalf of the chapter after speaking with the Marketing and Communications Director at Fraternity Headquarters. Do not say, “no comment,” but rather, “we are gathering facts and when it is appropriate, I will make a statement.”
• In speaking with the police, be cooperative but stay with the facts and have an adviser present. The adviser determines if an attorney should be present.
• Contact the Marketing and Communications Director at Fraternity Headquarters for all news media inquiries. If she is not available, contact the Fraternity President.

12. Post-Emergency Procedure
• Coordinate hospital or home visits for injured member.
• In case of a member’s death:
- Do not remove her belongings from her room. Return borrowed items, and if possible, keep the room locked.
- Only appropriate emergency personnel should be in the room.
- Move roommates to another location

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