Pros And Cons Of Anti-Immigration Laws

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Register to read the introduction… The Arizona SB 1070 law (Anti-Immigration Law) is costing Arizona millions. A new report by the Center for American Progress says the current boycott has cost Arizona 141 million from canceled conventions. Many cities are SUPPORTING these boycotts, and their support is encouraging the uproars. Boycotting is being supported by Los Angeles – “The Los Angeles City Council overwhelmingly approved a boycott of Arizona-based businesses and governments Wednesday unless the state repeals a new law giving police the power to question a detainee's immigration status.”The government of San Francisco, the Los Angeles City Council, and city officials in Oakland, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Denver, and Seattle all took specific action, usually by banning some of their employees from work-related travel to Arizona or by limiting city business done with companies headquartered in Arizona – LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, New York City Times all …show more content…
While passing the law may possibly open up more jobs for Americans, which was the original intent, the economic losses outweigh the pros. Arizona has adopted the law because they are close to the border of Mexico, thus more prone to illegal aliens. Florida’s borders are on the water, so border control would be enough to keep illegal aliens out. The percentage of illegal immigrants in Arizona is much higher than that of Florida, so adopting the law would have more negative aspects than positive ones, and there are other options available that would be much more beneficial. Thus, the adoption of this law would be wasting millions of dollars that Florida could be using in other areas of improvement.

By adopting the Arizona laws, we are also directly defying the goals and means of the constitution. The United States Department of Justice filed a law suit against Arizona in District Court on July 6, 2010. CNN backs up the view that the new law by saying it “Goes against the framework of the constitution. The local immigration policies go against the set up of policies in individual states. It’s a decision for the country to make as a whole.” According to the Associated Press, over 70 U.S. cities have protested against this

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