Gun Control: Is It Important To Protect Your Family?

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Being able to protect your family is very important. This is something to think about and something to remember. Anything can happen. We need to be aware of this. I am a strong believer in keeping the second amendment because this gives me the opportunity to protect my family as well as myself. Gun control means well, but it will not solve problems. It will make issues worse and develop bigger problems. While some think, gun control prevents negative action we need to understand things can still happen even though guns will no longer be an option. Realistically, nothing will get solved. “The right to maintain our freedom is the most important right; this is what the 2nd Amendment is making it the most important right” (Teenink, 2011, p.6). I understand crime is at a higher rate with guns being the main weapon, but we should be able to conceal and use if trouble lurks our way. Having the second amendment is useful because we able to defend ourselves as well as our families. To me that is very important. “You have the right to have firearms for any lawful purpose, whether self-protection, recreation, competition, hunting or collecting” …show more content…
While they have some great points, we need to understand that protection is always important. When you handle a gun you are in control with what happens. I believe if people would stop abusing our gun rights I think our chances will increase in winning this debate. I am not going to lie, people make poor choices. Gun control may seem like an easy way out, but it is not. It will only make things worse. While this has become a big issue, I believe it should not even be an issue. “Let us remain worthy of Madison’s confidence in the American people and defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution upon which part of that confidence was based” (Ebeling, 2014,

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