Pros And Cons Of The 2nd Amendment

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Upon researching more about the 2nd Amendment I have formed an opinion as to whether it should be amended or repealed. I have decided that the 2nd Amendment should be amended. The problem that America is having is that people are misusing guns. It seems easy to understand that we should create laws and rules on what a person has the right to carry, own, and use. But it should be mandatory and made priority to keep track of the purchasing of the intense powered weapons that have been made to kill people. The reasons why the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t be repealed is because number one, the 2nd Amendment is important to the people of the United States to prevent the government from posing as a threat. Secondly the reason why the
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According to “The authors of the 2nd Amendment were primarily concerned about the threat that a national; standing army posed to the sovereignty of the states- as opposed to homeowners’ anxiety about violent felons- the best way to fix the situation is to amend the 2nd Amendment. By adding five words as follows: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed.” If we were to completely get rid of the 2nd Amendment it would basically be allowing the government to do anything and everything they please without we the people having the ability to protect ourselves. If the 2nd Amendment should be done away with, the people would lose our power. It would be as if the beginning of the constitution “We the People” didn’t have a say anymore. The power would not reside in the people but in what the government ordered us to do. If guns were taken from us it would leave us virtually defenseless, we would have basically no way of protecting ourselves. There should be some rules on how many firearms a person is allowed to own and we should be aware of and concerned with the people that are using guns to kill others in hate or in violence. To get rid of the 2nd Amendment would be like saying you can’t protect yourself from others harming you. If it were to be amended I would only do it so it would be made clear that the 2nd Amendment is the right for citizens to keep and bear arms, to protect themselves from all threats foreign and domestic, including a government. That right should never be infringed except in cases of a citizen which poses a threat or risk to the safety and lives of

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