Profit Colleges And Higher Educational Institutions Essay

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For-profit colleges in the U.S. are higher educational institutions that are run similarly to a business, with the primary goal of the institution being to gain revenue. Most traditional colleges are nonprofit, however, for-profit colleges have increased in popularity around past 25 years. Well-known examples of for-profit institutions include ITT Technical Institute, Everest College, University of Phoenix, and DeVry University. Most of them have little or no requirements to enroll and they operate on many campuses all across the U.S. The business aspect of for-profit colleges differentiates them from traditional, nonprofit colleges. The two engage in different practices and run slightly differently because only for-profit colleges exist to make money from the students they enroll. Popular for-profit colleges advertise that they serve an underrepresented group of students, offer career-oriented degree pathways, and have excellent job placement rates. But is all of it too good to be true? In many cases, it seems that the promises made by for-profit colleges are just a way to get students enrolled, and that the true realities of a for-profit education are much more grim.
Many for-profit colleges appear to engage in questionable recruitment tactics aimed groups of people who are most susceptible to succumbing to them. A report by the U.S. Senate states that these institutions tend to focus on recruiting groups of veterans, those who are unfamiliar with other forms of higher…

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