Essay On Pursuing A Business Degree

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When I was young, I always wanted to pursue a career in business. Now I am finally getting the opportunity to make my dream a reality. Business intrigues me because it plays such a large role in everything worldwide. I see more than numbers and human interaction in business; I see businesses as some of the most powerful organizations in the world. With a business degree, I will have a variety of opportunities to make a lasting impression on the world. For example, I may be able to do this through innovations or by becoming an executive of a company where decisions would have a widespread impact.

After not being directly admitted into the Wisconsin School of Business, there was no worse feeling than being denied the opportunity to pursue
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For example, it promotes creativity, problem-solving, and the consideration of alternative ideas. These advantages extend outside the Wisconsin School of Business. Diversity is proving to be an integral part of business and will continue to establish its importance. The BBA Program will continue to prepare me for my career in business by teaching me how to work through differences thereby making diversity an asset for my organization and myself.

An inclusive environment is essential for the benefits of diversity to flourish. In order for Grainger to provide a fully inclusive environment, every member of the Wisconsin School of Business needs to work together to continually improve their efforts. Inclusiveness is a product of engaging in difficult conversations, endless learning, and a commitment to improvement. As a member of the Wisconsin School of Business, I will be focused on overcoming my unconscious bias. This is a hard obstacle to overcome because it is unconscious, but I believe it can be overcome with a strong focus on my conscious bias. The Wisconsin School of Business will assist me in completing my goal because it provides an encouraging environment of individuals working together to improve

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