Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice Essay

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Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life People love to argue. Not in a screaming at each other because the peanut butter lid was left off again kind of way, but with intentions of being progressive. With a little bit of structure to an argument, it ends up being more of a debate and is usually enjoyable, especially if you win. Since people have been debating for so long, and like to do it, you would think that there would be a surefire way to come to a mutual understanding. However, certain topics will be debated until the end of time before there is ever any sort of resolution. When it comes to abortion, seldom is somebody without an opinion; and others could not be more rooted in their beliefs. In order to form an objective opinion it is …show more content…
Pro-lifers argue “Abortion is basically killing a innocent baby that is alive in its mothers womb. People try to say that the baby isn't alive and it's totally unaware. But in reality its heart and brain are the first things to develop” (Is). They deduce that since it’s murder to kill an infant, it shouldn’t be any different inside the womb and that a fetus has a right to live. Now, convincing somebody strongly fixed in their pro-life beliefs that a fetus isn’t a life will probably not happen, since it is the most intractable part of this whole debate, however, the belief that a fetus is alive from the moment of conception and consciously wants to be alive is not a fact. This belief largely comes from religion. There is no scientific evidence to back up such claims. Pro-choicers will often say that life doesn’t begin until fetal viability. Fetal viability “refers to the time in pregnancy when the baby, if born now and prematurely, has a reasonable chance of survival” (Pregnancy). This is often considered the cutoff for an abortion among pro-choicers. This is because, at the risk of coming off offensive, a fetus in the first trimester is no different than a parasite. Defined as “an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense” and a parasite cannot survive without its host ( The belief is that until a fetus can survive on its own, it is

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