Pro Choice Or Pro-Life: Abortion Should Be Legal

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Shaniece Hartsfield
Daniel Skoglund
October 23, 2015
Pro-choice or pro-life, has been an age old debate that has plagued Americans for many years. Although abortion has officially been legal since the Supreme Court declared it legal with Roe v. Wade court case in 1973, the debate has continued to brew. Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States more than any other procedure. In my opinion abortions should be illegal because you are taking a person’s life; adoption is always an option, and abortion causes psychological damage.

Personally, I believe abortion should be illegal because you are taking a person’s life away. Dr. Alfred M. Bongioanni, professor of pediatrics and obstetrics
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Sometimes pregnancy does happen at a time in our lives where you are not financially or mentally ready to take care of another life. Just because you get pregnant doesn’t mean you are stuck in a situation with no way out but abortion. Adoption is a wonderful option that can allow you to give your baby a better chance at life. An unplanned pregnancy does not have to end in abortion. There are millions of people in the world willing to give your baby the life and love it deserves. Women who have fertility problems or gay couples are looking for the chance to raise a baby of their own. Abortion should be illegal because abortion is a better …show more content…
I would counter argue this with, it’s not just your body anymore there’s the life of someone who has yet to live also residing inside of that body. When you take that risk of becoming pregnant, you are accepting all the risks that come with that choice. Abortion should be illegal not only because you are taking a person’s life away and adoption is always an option but also because abortion can cause numerous psychological problems.
In my opinion abortion should be illegal because of the psychological damage it can cause when you choose to abort a baby. Abortion is a huge decision to make and those who choose to make it often do not come back from it emotionally unaffected. Often women regret their decision to have an abortion and become extremely depressed because of it. According to The Daily Mail reporter, Steve Doughty, “studies showed that those who undergo abortion face nearly double the risk of mental health difficulties compared with others and that one in ten of all mental health problems was a result of an

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