Pro Choice Abortion Essay

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Pro-Choice: Abortion
For the past few years abortion has been one of the prominent controversial topics in America. Women are thought to be one of the most graceful individual; who are raised to countless standards, set to make little to no mistakes and always be nurturing. It has been and still believed that making the choice of contraception is merely just a decision of the woman, however in modern civilization some people argue that our rights to make that decision should be restricted or even forbidden. Because some women experience regret due to the lack emotionally stability, ethics and morals, it is one the key reasons why some people feel it should be banned. Many look upon it as advocating for the impression of not actually taking
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Abortion, the disposal of a tiny fetus from the womb has been around for several years. It began in the 1800’s where it was legal as early as some of the settlers that migrated to North America. With Connecticut being the first state to make it illegal, others quickly followed. After a few hundred years some states started to make it legal again. The government’s main focus on making abortions legal was to bring rectification to the issue that the people who were initially performing the operations were not qualified which lead to deaths and serious infections. The contrary of making abortions illegal is that, the population will grow higher than the surviving capacity. It wasn’t until in 1973 that the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade made it possible …show more content…
In a journal article “Considering Social Policy on Abortion: Respecting Women as Moral Agents,” it suggests how the decisions on the legal or illegal concept of abortion have factored in women acting as the final moral decider. In aspects of trying to understand the decision of abortion itself, it describes it as the mother not being emotionally able to understand what she is doing because “the woman does not have a bond with the fetus.” While that may be true, the woman herself still is logically making the decision even if the bond is there or not. Many states require counseling before completing the operation and others requires you to listen to the fetus’

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