Essay On Private Nursing

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Private Nurses The medical profession has a long history of private nurses. Starting from the early twentieth century when private families employed approximately 80% of graduate nurses. Nursing employment trends shifted in the mid 1900’s with only 20% working for private families. Hospitals, in present day, have become the largest employer for nurses thus creating a need for families and patients to find professional, competent care for them and loved ones in their own homes. Private nurses are an important part of the healing process for patients and their families because they provide psychological and physical relief for family members that typically provide the needed care, allow the flexibility for the family and patients to decide …show more content…
This value is often compromised when a disease or disability enters someone’s life that requires home care. Nurses who work through an agency are assigned to visit numerous patients in the course of one day. Their schedules vary depending on the amount of patients, their needs and travel time from one home to the next, requiring each patient to be at the mercy of the nurses previous patient. Similar to service people coming to your home for repairs, patients will receive a window of time in which to expect the nurse, they will often receive phone calls during the visit from colleagues or patients, they appear distracted by paperwork, in addition the days and times of the visit will vary week to week (Holmberg, Valmari & Lundgren, 2012). This type of treatment acts on the independence of the family and patient infringing on their schedule, thus hindering the ability to heal. Private nurses are in charge of their own schedule allowing for adequate respect of the patient’s time. Working together, the private nurse, family and patient are able to schedule visits in conjunction with the time and frequency they believe is needed to obtain proper care and support with out the interjection of a third

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