Prison Overcrowding Essays

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Prison Overcrowding
Sherita Bowens
American Intercontinental University
April 24, 2010

Prison overcrowding is one of the many different problems throughout the world that law enforcement faces. Prison overcrowding not only affects those in law enforcement, it also affects the taxpayers in the community as well. The problem of overcrowded prisons is being handled in many different ways. Some of these ways have been proven to be sufficient and successful while others have not been so successful.

Prison Overcrowding There is no right or wrong way to address the problem of prison overcrowding. One way to address this situation is to build bigger prisons. However, building bigger prisons affects the wrong people. By
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Many may consider this unfair that’s why many states are resulting to other solutions for prison overcrowding. One of the ways to help reduce prison overcrowding as well as save the taxpayer’s money is to privatize some of the state’s prisons. This is where a private prison operator houses as many of the states inmates that are agreed upon in the contract. This is generally how much the state can afford to have the private prison operator house. This helps with the problem of prison overcrowding because “private companies can expand capacity faster than government bureaucracies, and adding space is part of the answer to overcrowding” (Jailhouse Blues, 2010, p. 37). Privatizing some of the state’s prisons also helps to save the taxpayer’s money because private prisons have lower costs if prison-guard unions are kept at bay. Although this is a good solution for the state and the taxpayer’s, there is a risk of private prisons costing more money if things get out of control with the prison-guard unions. Another way to reduce prison overcrowding while saving taxpayer’s money in the process is to introduce educational programs as well as treatment programs. Some of the programs that will help inmates are expanded prison-based educational, vocational, mental health, and substance abuse treatment programs. These programs have proven to be

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