Principles Of Teaching Hygiene In Individua Health Education

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Register to read the introduction… I have held pupils hands when entering the school grounds and leaving school gates, I have given a hug to younger children to give them sense of belonging and safe environment in the morning a welcome message but I wouldn’t do this to older kids instead I would smile and say morning. I would even pick children up if they had a fall in school playground to make sure they are ok and thy re safe this would also include disable children but I would use my training to pick them up under the armpits so they is clear boundaries and acceptable manner. All pupils would know what is acceptable as I would have displaying each class room the class rules and school rules. I would also have individual behaviour rules that would be specific for the individual and related to the pupil.
There would be further problems I would encounter for the standards of behaviour expected of the
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I want the children to learn about hygiene and I would do this by stories, pictures and for them to draw pictures of what good hygiene means I can wash hands means not having germs etc…always washing your hands and clean yourself when going toilet etc…I would also use factual words so pupils are aware about the realistic terms and talk to each other about germs and how they get passed if we don’t have good hygiene and what happens through illness. Especially the most common germs in primary school I have found is head

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